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Announcement Services at Valentine & Turner

The passing of a loved one is a profound moment, and communicating this news requires sensitivity and care. At Valentine & Turner Funeral Directors, our announcement services are dedicated to ensuring that families can convey the news of their loved one’s passing with grace, respect, and clarity.

Timely and Respectful Communication

Understanding the importance of timely communication, our team ensures that announcements are made promptly, allowing friends, relatives, and acquaintances to pay their respects and offer support during this challenging time.

Personalised Announcements for Every Individual

Every life is unique, and so should be the announcement that commemorates it. We work closely with families to craft announcements that reflect the individuality of the departed, ensuring that their memory is honoured in a manner that resonates with those who knew them.


Multiple Platforms for Wider Reach

In today’s digital age, we offer announcements across various platforms, from traditional newspaper obituaries to online memorial pages, ensuring that the news reaches all those who wish to pay their respects.


How can I personalise the announcement?
Our team collaborates with families to understand their preferences, allowing for custom wording, inclusion of photos, and any specific details that hold significance, ensuring a deeply personal announcement.

Can announcements be made on digital platforms?
Yes, we offer announcements on a range of digital platforms, including online memorial pages, social media, and more, ensuring a comprehensive reach to all acquaintances and loved ones.

How soon can the announcement be made?
We understand the importance of timely communication and ensure that announcements are made promptly, based on the family’s wishes and readiness.

Do you offer guidance on the content of the announcement?
Absolutely. Our compassionate team is here to guide families on crafting an announcement that is both respectful and reflective of the life and legacy of the departed.

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