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Donation Services at Valentine & Turner

In times of loss, many choose to honour the memory of their loved ones through charitable donations. At Valentine & Turner Funeral Directors, our donation services provide a seamless way for families and friends to make meaningful contributions, turning grief into a gesture of goodwill and lasting impact.

Transforming Grief into Generosity

With compassion and understanding, we assist families in setting up donation platforms, ensuring that contributions go to causes that held significance for the departed or resonate with the family’s wishes.


A Legacy of Kindness

Through donations, the legacy of your loved one lives on, touching lives and making a difference. We ensure that every donation is acknowledged, providing families with a sense of comfort and connection.


Collaboration with Charities and Organisations

We collaborate with a wide range of charities and organisations, ensuring that donations are directed to credible and impactful causes. Our team is here to guide you in selecting a charity that aligns with your wishes and the values of your loved one.


How do you ensure the transparency of donations?
We work closely with reputable charities and provide families with detailed records of all donations made, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Can we choose a specific charity or cause?
Absolutely. We respect and honour the wishes of families, assisting in directing donations to specific charities or causes that hold personal significance or were dear to the departed.

Is there a minimum donation amount?
No, every contribution, big or small, is valued. We believe in the power of collective goodwill and welcome donations of any amount.

How are donors acknowledged?
All donors are acknowledged with gratitude. We can also assist in sending out thank you notes or acknowledgements to donors, ensuring they know the impact of their generosity.

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