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First Steps to Take

When a loved one passes away, there are numerous arrangements and decisions to be made.

We understand this and we know that these have to be undertaken at the most distressing and saddest time of your life.

We treat all families as if they were our own and we never want families to face distress and grief alone. We will be with you every step of the way personally, not only as your local undertaker but as a family friend.


Passed away at Home

  • If the passing was expected, or your loved one had been ill for some time, the very first step you must take is to contact the deceased usual GP or out of hours Doctor, for that district. Their name and contact details should be obtained.
  • Once the Deceased usual GP has attended to confirm the passing, you should contact Valentine and Turner to make arrangements for when you are ready for your loved one to leave you.
  • Our family will aim to be with you within one hour of your decision, to bring your loved one into our care, if you feel ready to do so.

Unexpected Passing

  • If the passing was sudden or unexpected you may want to contact the emergency services, who will assist and guide you.
  • In most cases the deceased will be placed under the care of her Majesty’s Coroner.
  • A coroner’s officer will liaise with you during any procedures occurring.
  • You can contact Valentine and Turner at any point, immediately after the passing where we can give you additional support and guidance and help you through the next steps.

Passed away in Hospital

  • The bereavement team from the hospital to where the passing occurred, will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment.
  • Before this appointment the team will be authorising medical certifications that are essential after a death, this can sometimes be the delay in being seen immediately.
  • At your appointment they will return any personal effects and issue you with a medical cause of death certificate. This is a sealed white envelope that will be given to you by the team, it must remain sealed until produced by you upon registration. Any appointment to register the death must be made within Five days after the loss.

Registering the Death

  • Once you have the Medical Cause of Death Certificate, you need to contact the registry office in the borough of where the person died to arrange a time and date to go along to register the death.
  • Once you have registered the death the registrar will issue you with a Death Certificate accompanied by a Certificate for right of burial or cremation, this is a Green Certificate.
  • We do not need a copy of the Death Certificate, unless there is a pre-paid funeral plan or insurance policy in place, However we always require the Green coloured Certificate, as this is a required document to allow us to bring your loved one into our care and also gives permission for the burial or cremation to legally take place.

Please note upon registration of the passing there will be a fee of £11 for documentation provided to you.

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