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Reception Funeral Planning at Valentine & Turner

At Valentine & Turner Funeral Directors, we understand the significance of gathering with loved ones to commemorate the life of the departed.

Located in Orpington, Kent, our dedicated team is here to assist families in planning and organising receptions that provide comfort, solace, and a space to share memories.


Funerals tailored to your wishes

Meticulous Planning for a Meaningful Gathering

Every life is unique, and the reception should reflect that individuality. We work closely with families to understand their wishes and preferences, ensuring every detail of the reception is tailored to honour the memory of the deceased.


Collaboration with Trusted Venues

To ensure a seamless experience, we collaborate with a range of trusted venues, catering services, and other providers. This partnership ensures that the reception aligns with the family’s vision and provides a comforting environment for all attendees.


Personal Touches for a Memorable Event

While the primary focus is on honouring the departed, we also recognise the importance of personal touches that make the reception memorable. From music and decor to customised memorabilia, we assist families in adding elements that resonate with the essence of their loved one.


How do you select the venues for the reception?
We collaborate with a range of trusted venues in Orpington, Kent, and the surrounding areas, ensuring we find a location that aligns with the family’s preferences and the nature of the gathering.

Can we incorporate specific cultural or religious elements into the reception?
Absolutely. We respect and honour all beliefs and traditions, and we work diligently to incorporate any specific cultural or religious elements the family wishes to include.

What services do you provide for reception planning?
We offer a comprehensive range of services, from venue selection and catering coordination to decor planning and music arrangements, ensuring a well-organised and meaningful reception.

Do you offer post-reception support or services?
Yes, our commitment to families extends beyond the reception. We’re here to offer support, guidance, and any additional services the family may require in the days following the gathering.

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